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What Can I Do About Radiesse Lumps?

I had Radiesse done around my nasal folds and corners of my mouth area, and now I have 1 large bump on the inside of the left corner of my mouth... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Cause Lumps Inside Cheeks?

Almost 4 weeks ago, I had smile lines injected with Radiesse and was very pleased with the visual results. However, I now have some very large knots... READ MORE

How Long Before Radiesse Lumps Dissolve?

I have had Radiesse injected into my right cheek to reduce a crease. This was about 6 weeks ago, and although the additional volume has helped with... READ MORE

Saline Injection for Removing Radiesse?

Under my left eye is a white visible strip of Radiesse that looks like spaghetti noodle that's about an inch long. I read a about injecting saline... READ MORE

Over a Year Later and Bumps from Radiesse Still in Upper Lip, What's The Cause and How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

It was recommended to me that I get Radiesse only on my upper lip since it is thinner then my bottom. Within a few days I noticed a bump on the inside... READ MORE

What to Do About Swelling and Lumps After Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected into eye hollow area 3 weeks ago. At first, I looked like a monster with severely dark under eyes and I was swelling for the... READ MORE

Hour 36 of Radiesse in my NF Lines and Hard Lumps! Should It Come Down More?

I am a 28 year-old young professional with few wrinkles. I recently had Radiesse inserted in my NF/marionette lines and also a little Juvederm added... READ MORE

Are Radiesse Lumps at Two Weeks Normal?

I had Radiesse injected in my chin below the lipline where there has been loss of fat after five years in braces. It's been two weeks since... READ MORE

How to Correct Radiesse Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Results?

A few years ago I got a non surgical nose job with Radiesse. The doctor attempted to make my wide nostrils look thinner by filling to lift up the... READ MORE

Post Radiesse Swelling and Hardness Normal 1 Day Post Op?

I had Radiesse injected 24 hrs ago. I had cheekbone area, nasolabial folds done and also around my mouth and chin to fix rough texture due to collagen... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Reveal Old Acne Scars?

I had radiesse injected in my cheeks 2 weeks ago. I have noticed in some areas where the radiesse was injected that there appear to be very small,... READ MORE

Can I Have Radiesse Removed from my Chin?

I had recently got Radiesse injection on my jaw line and the top of my chin for more prominent look. 5 days ago, I noticed a big lump underneath my... READ MORE

White Lumps Under Eyes After Radiesse

I received Radiesse injections for nasolabial lines. The practitioner injected my cheeks from under my eyes and around the rest of my cheeks, as well... READ MORE

How Long Does Radiesse Last Under the Eyes?

I've been very disfigured with a lump of radiesse under my eye for almost 20 months. The product never should have been used there, especially... READ MORE

Radiesse Lumps - After a Year? (photo)

The two white areas under my bottom lip are filled with product. Above my left (rt on photo) lip I have a piece that feels like macaroni under the... READ MORE

Lump Inside of Mouth After Radiesse Injections?

I had radiesse 4 weeks ago into marionette lines. 2 weeks after the injection I noticed a bump at the very left side of my lower lip, not at injection... READ MORE

What is causing these wrinkle like lumps/folds around my mouth at age 25? (photo)

I have these wrinkle lumps/fold around my lips that get even worse when I smile. I was wondering if it is possibly perioral mounds or deep nasolabial... READ MORE

Lumps and Pouches After Juvederm and Radiesse

I had Radiesse topped off with Juvederm for nasolabial folds. I also had Juvederm injected in 3 lip lines, which smoothed out in about 3 days and... READ MORE

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