got zoomed and not happy :(

i went to get my teeth whitened with the Zoom. it was 2 x 20 minute sessions. my teeth were not that yellow, they were like pale yellow with no stains at all. always received compliments on my smile. well after the 2x20min session, iw as not impressed at all. the technician said that everyone is different and i can come again for another 2x20 min session. i paid $295. i am now worried the next session wont help... did anyone see improved results after the 2nd session??

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Zoom Again?

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Zoom can be unpredictable, but attractive because of price and ease.  I recommend talking with your Dentist.  Usually with Zoom 3 or 4 sessions (15 minutes each) is typical.  Very little whitening can be expected after one or two sessions.  Is there a reason why you stopped?  Almost all patients whiten after 4 sessions, however the amount of whitening is variable.  You are correct, another 2 sessions may not work.  Since you may have other options, the best next step is talk to your Dentist and go over all the options before any more treatment.  I am sorry you are not happy.  Good Luck!

Long Island Dentist

Zoom Disappointment

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I have a large cosmetic practice and I don't like zoom.  Sometimes it produces good results for a minority of people.  If you have coffee or cigarette of food stains that yellow the outer surface it works well.   Problem is that it doesn't penetrate far into the tooth.  THe color on most people is coming from deep within the tooth and bleach doesn't touch that.  Otherwise bleach wouldn't be safe.  There has to be good communication and expectations set up before the procedure is done.  I always give my patients take home trays in addition to the zoom.  I think they actually are more effective.  There have been a lot of clinical studies that confirm this.  Veneeers ae the only surfier way to effect a permanent change you may be looking for if color is important

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Does Everyone Get Great Results with Zoom Whitening?

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With Zoom teeth whitening some people get amazing results, some get very little results. A great cosmetic dentistry office will help coach you on what results to expect BEFORE you start any whitening treatments.

I'm just not a fan of discounted, fast whitening. In my opinion, it takes time at the start, to discuss what results you are expecting. Not everyone whitens with Zoom. I doubt that another session is going to produce results that you'll be excited about.

Sit down with an experienced cosmetic dentist. Discuss what kind of  teeth whitening results you really want. Tell him what you've tried. Listen to his opinion about how to get there.

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