I Feel Cheated. Zoom! Whitening

I just spent $365 to do zoom!, but my dentist just do 1 15mins zoom!, i didn't see any different in my teeth. then when i have a talk with him about 3 15mins, he just said he was following the procedure. how can i do? T_T

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How Many Zoom Whitening Sessions are Protocol

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I hate to hear about your Zoom experience.  One session is usually not enough to see great results.  The latest machine (Zoom Advanced Power) allows the patient enough bleach to do 3-4 fifteen minute sessions.  In our office, we always  leave enough time for the fourth session if the patients teeth are heavily stained and the patient has not developed any sensitivity.  You should have been allowed to finish the process.  Zoom is a the best whitening procedure on the market and works well when the protocol is performed. 

Zoom whitening results

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When we perform a Zoom procedure in our office we usually do three 15 minute cycles, and if the patient has the time and patience, we do a fourth. This is what is recommended by the manufacturer. The only time we will do less cycles is if the patient is so sensitive that they ask us to stop, or if the patient feels claustraphobic or can't sit any longer. Rarely will one cycle show any kind of results.  The prcess works well most of the time when done as directed.

Sheldon Seidman, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Zoom Whitening

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The usual routine for Zoom whitening calls for 3 15 minute cycles, followed by an optional 4th cycle.  One 15 minute cycle will have little to no effect.  if you were not having any sensitivity after the first 15 minute cycle, there is no reason for stopping the procedure.

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Zoom protocol is 3 15 mins sessions

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Sorry to hear about the problem you were having with your Zoom Procedure.  As other dentists have already stated Zoom protocol is 3 15 min sessions with a 4th always a possibilty.  One 15 minute session will absolutely have no result.  I would talk to the dentist and let him know your concerns.

What is the Recommend Zoom Whitening Protocol?

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The Zoom whitening protocol, as prescribed by the parent company Discus Dental, is three "cycles" for normal teeth and an additional fourth one for extremely stained teeth. The standard regimen of three cylces can be reduces in cases of extreme sensitivity, but three is what is what you paid for if you if you were paying for ZOOM. As far as approaching your dentist, that is a litle more tricky. I wish that all dentists followed the instructions on the products they use, but sometimes they don't for what ever reason. What he did (or didn't do) for you didn't hurt you, it just didn't give you the result that the product was designed to give. You should ask for a consultation with your doctor and present him with some references from the Internet (i.e. this one) or another doctor in the area and see if he'll make good on his original agreement to give you Zoom Whitening as it is intended by the manufacturer. Good luck!

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Zoom Whitening

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The Zoom bleaching kit comes with enough bleach for up to four sessions. Each kit is designed for one patient. If the patient decideds not to do four 15 minute sessions, that is their choice. The kit is then disposed of after the patient. I would talk to your dentist and ask why only one was done and what options you have to complete the treatment.

Fred Peck, DDS
Cincinnati Dentist

Zoom Whitening Sessions

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I’m sorry to hear that.  Your suspicions are correct.  One 15 minute session won’t achieve significant results.  We usually perform three 15 minute sessions.  Sometimes we only perform two sessions when a patient is extremely sensitive.  Other times we perform four sessions, when a patient wants very white teeth and is not feeling sensitive.

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Zoom ! includes 3-4 sessions per patient package

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Zoom! being an elective procedure can be stopped after one session, two sessions or, 3 sessions if pain or discomfort is not tolerable during treatment.  This would be one reason to stop after only one session.  Another would be if the doctor see's a negative reaction to the treatment.  
Aside from the two reasons above a Zoom! office treatment should include at least 3 full 15 min sessions of treatment.
As I always say to my patients, if a practitioner does not feel they can do a procedure properly and to its highest standards then they should not do the procedure at all.
Zoom! is the best whitening method out there to start your teeth whitening journey.  always be sure you are a good candidate prior to setting up the whitening appointment and discuss whitening maintenance with your doctor as a onne hour Zoom! will not last without proper maintenance.

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