Does Zoom Work on "Gray" Teeth? (photo)

Going to get 4 new crowns - dentist suggested Zoom first. Went to office today for procedure and was given consent form. I questioned if I would see any difference since the info stated that Zoom does lighten "gray" teeth as much as yellowed/brown teeth. Ended up not having Zoom . What is your experience on patients with gray teeth (I am 62 - not exactly looking for a bright WHITE smile -just wanted a nice smile with new crowns that match my teeth). Paula

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Gray Teeth?

Hello there,
As a cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, I would not recommend Zoom whitening on gray teeth.  Any improvement would likely be unnoticeable to you or anyone else.  In this case, I would consider veneers or not doing anything.  I know that you are 62, but it's amazing how many times I have had 55, 60 and 65 year old females that get veneers and love them.  Your teeth, your hands and your weight show your age more than any other visible feature.  When I place veneers on patients your age, they typically notice a 10 to 15 year younger appearance.  
Great question and good luck with everything.

Saint Louis Dentist
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Zoom & Grey Teeth

Zoom, as well as any bleaching system on the market, affects every patient differently. They all work BEST on yellowing teeth, and they are all LEAST effective on grey teeth. That being said, you might get a slight improvement, but don't expect a bright white tooth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Zoom on grey versus yellow/brown teeth

Different types of whitening are primarily time versus concentration in how they work. Grey teeth is usually increased translucence though sometimes it might be exposure to metals, particularly tin. While I haven't read any studies, my personal experience is that Zoom is a bit better than tray whitening with gray teeth - likely the intensity changes the translucence more. My advice is to do it better you do the crowns. Good luck!

Robert Penning, DMD
Toronto Dentist

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