My Dentist Uses the Zoom Whitening Kit but Doesnt Use the Zoom Lamp, Instead He Uses LED with No UV?

Will the results be the same if my dentist uses LED light lamp with wavelength of 430-490nm along with the zoom whitening kit instead of using the ZOOM lamp. Also, what are the best whitening systems to use along with LED light??

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Use the real thing

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The only reason I can think of for this modification is to not have to pay Zoom for their light and materials which is all monitored thru the light. The Zoom product and technique is very safe and effective I don't know about this modification.I would stick with the real thing.

New York Dentist

Zoom Light UV radiation

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Zoom whitening is extremely safe.  It's one of the safest procedures we have in dentistry today.  Zoom is a very well known, reputable brand.  Which is why many dentists prefer to use it. The amount of UV radiation produced by the zoom lamp is just about none.  Aside from wearing protective glasses there's no other precaution that should be taken for the light.  I don't understand the logic behind not using the zoom light but using the zoom kit.  If it was my mouth I'd ask for the real zoom lamp.  In fact, I've had zoom performed on myself about half a dozen times.

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

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