Zoom Whitening Treatment on Mottled Teeth

How effective is the Zoom whitening treatment on mottled teeth? Is the whitened result also mottled? It was explained to me that the mottling was most probably the result of either dental fluorosis or perhaps antibiotics.

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Whitening for mottled teeth

Mottling may result in light or dark splotches on teeth. Typically, I will recommend a patient whiten as much as he/she can -- then use bonding or porcelain to fix the parts that whitening can not. In these cases, a patient may choose to do several courses of Zoom whitening -- or a longer course of custom tray whitening. During the whitening period, the lighter areas may become even whiter/splotchier, however those areas will fade back in after the whitening treatment. After the results are maximized or plateaued from whitening, we then plan treatment for the areas that still need aesthetic improvement.

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Zoom as a treatment for mottled or blotchy teeth

Teeth with white spots can be whitened. Be aware the white spots may show up more but can be removed with other procedures.

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