Can Zoom Teeth Whitening Cause Cracks on Teeth?

Can you get cracks on your teeth after Zoom whitening since having it done? I have now noticed fine cracks on both top and bottom teeth that I hadn't noticed before having them done?

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Zoom Whitening Does Not Crack Teeth

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There is not way that Zoom whitening can crack your teeth.  The bleaching process simply "pulls" the external stains from the enamel, but cannot cause any structural damage to the teeth.  The "cracks" that you are seeing were already there and are just more visible now that your teeth are whiter and more translucent.  By the way, these small surface cracks are nothing to be worried about and are very common.  Hope this helps. 

Zoom Whitening cannot cause cracks in teeth

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Zoom whitening cannot cause cracks in teeth.  When teeth are whiter you may notice things that you haven’t been able to see before.

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Zoom does not cause cracks.

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No whitening product causes cracks in teeth, but as the teeth lighten and become more translucent the existing cracks may show up more.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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No- it can't cause cracks

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It can't actually crack your teeth. What your seeing is that now your teeth are getting more translucent because of whitening. The enamel is becoming more "see-thru" and thus your able to see small microfractures in the enamel. These are typically called stress fractures in the tooth as a result of years of usage.

Removing internal stains will show hidden surfaces

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A good quality Whitening gel such as Zoom! whitening breaks down the stain molecules (chromophores) deep in the enamel.  This allows natural light to reflect  and more of your tooth surface abnormalities such as small vertical lines to be seen by the naked eye.
So, to answer the question at hand, no, Zoom cannot crack any surface of teeth nor can it damage any hard tooth structure.  

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