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Will I have to have the zoom whitening done more than once?

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How often should I whiten my teeth with Zoom!

Most people get excellent results with Zoom after just one treatment however the need to maintain your results whether with custom made bleaching trays or additional Zoom treatments depends on how much red wine, tea, coffee or other staining foods you consume.  Some people whiten annually and others once every few years and use bleaching trays.

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There is always upkeep after Whitening Treatments

Whether you choose to do the in house ZOOM or an at home system there is always upkeep afterwards. Teeth are porous and constanlty taking up stain. Some teeth are more porous than others. How much coffee, tea wine etc you drink can affect the need for more frequent treatments as well. Drink all staining liquids through a straw, use an electric toothbrush and go for your twice yearly dental cleaning to help upkeep your whitening. The ZOOM should not be done more than once every 8 to 12 mos and in between you can use some good over the counter products to touch up.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
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All whitening is temporary

Depending on your goals and how white you want to remain/maintain, you should consider zoom or any other whitening process a routine procedure. The interval will be up to you, whether it is once per year or every 3.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Whitening treatments are not permanent

Whitening treatments are not permanent.  Just like getting a haircut, you have to do "touch ups" to maintain your white smile.  Depending on what you eat and drink, the time intervals for touch ups will vary. 

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Zoom Frequency

The answer to your question depends on your own personal preference.  Natural teeth will discolor over time, however the rate of discoloration depends on many factors.  Some people will need to touch up results every 6-12 months while others may only need to every 2-3 years.

Number of Zoom Whitening treatments for good results

Twenty-five percent of the population gets ideal results after one Zoom whitening.  On average, it takes about three Zoom Whitening procedures to achieve optimum results. 

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
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