Can I Have More Than 6 Zerona Treatments?

...lets Say an Addtional 6 Treatments?

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Can one have more than 6 Zerona treatments

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Although six is the number of treatments that was performed in the original Zerona protocol, patients can safely have more Zerona treatments and can see further reduction in their circumferential measurements.   Several of my patients have opted for 3 to 6 more treatments and have noted as much or more improvement  between the second series of treatments as the initial 6 treatments.  

"Slow Responders" to Zerona, Perhaps Diet, Exercise, Dietary Supplement Curva, and Placebo Effect Just Not Enough

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Hi John,

You can have more Zerona treatments until the "cows come home", will it do you any good?....Only if you like wasting your time, money, and hope.  The 635nm red laser of Zerona is great at reading grocery store bar codes, but is well known among the experts of medical lasers to be unable to penetrate through skin to cause the effects on fat cells claimed by the company.   See web reference below.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Have More Than 6 Zerona Treatments

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Just read the failure rates here on Real of over 69%. Scares me. And BTW it did not work on me or 2 staff members after 12 sessions. Like the T.V. ad states, "it's your money and THEY want it NOW!" From the "real" Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, Miami, Fl off # 305 598 0091

More Zerona treaments help slow responders

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The effectiveness of Zerona was studied with six treatments over a two week period.  I have found that some people are slow responders and that an additional week of treatment can turn minimal results into a home run. 

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