Does One Have to Go on a Diet and Vitamin Supplement Like Niacin and Omega-3?

I'm considering Zerona which is being offered by a naturopath doctor. But she is putting me on a strict diet and supplements like niacin and omega-3, is this necessary? Can one undergo the Zerona treatment wihtout taking the supplements? Looking forward to your answer before I undergo the treatment. Thanks.

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Zerona can be used without supplements

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Zerona can work alone without the diet and supplements.  The original trials of the Zerona laser did not include diet and supplements, only the laser.  Research showed that better results could be obtained if the laser treatment was combined with diet, hydration, exercise and supplements.  I have had some patients not take the supplements for one reason or another and still get results.

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Will Zerona "Work" Without Diet and Supplements?

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Hi Used to be,

I would not only question the diet and supplements, but would question the effectiveness of the Zerona laser, and the scientific due diligence of the "practitioner" who offers the treatment.   Laser experts from around the world agree that 635nm lasers cannot penetrate through the skin to cause the "holes" in fat cells that are allegedly the reason Zerona "works".  There have been no studies beyond a few weeks to show that Zerona is effective.  Save your Canadian dollars.

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