Can Non-invasive Laser Lipo Help Me Loose my 90lbs of Fat?

I'm 22 years old, a single mother, 5'11 and 270lbs. I know I'm 90-100 pounds overweight. I want to know if I can do a non-invasive procedure for my excess belly fat like ZERONA would it work for me? I dont want a tummy tuck or Liposuction because I'm scared of huge scars and a botched surgery. Please help!

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Diet and Exercise Best Non Invasive Procedure for weight loss

ZERONA IS NOT THE ANSWER.  Zerona Laser treatments are supposed to work on everyone regardless of weight including obese people.. However my personal and professional experience is that it just doesn't work that well and will be a waste of money for you. You require massive weight loss help and my strong suggestion is to use professional associations whose focus is just that. It will require a lifestyle change which of course includes diet and exercise, may be even bariatric surgery if that fails - if you do not know which one to choose, seek the help of your primary care physician to help guide you.

Overweight in Miami, Zerona not

Hi seriously over,

Zerona's 635nm laser is unable to penetrate through the skin to effect fat cells.  The benefits of the treatment lay in the Curva niacin dietary supplement, diet, exercise, and water intake.  It is certainly not your answer.  Lap band surgery may be your best answer, or use the old fashioned method of  burning more daily calories than you take in.  Good luck and be well.

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