Are there a limit to how many Fraxel Restore one can perform with 4 weeks in between?

40yo treating acne scars with fraxel restore. Did 7 session one month apart with increased settings. I still see improvement with every session and I still see left scare but way better than before for sure. Can I continue until satisfied or there is some side effect that might result for too many fraxel. Is there a thing as fraxel performed too much/too frequent? Also does fRaxel restore tighten the folds in the face, such as those in nasolabial folds and dimple area?

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Fraxel and other devices

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To answer your question, yes, Fraxel can improve acne scars, however there are many other devices out there that are better. The best approach to acne scarring is to find a solution or method, and not a device. See the video below as I explain why I do not like Fraxel for acne scars, but like it for other skin related issues. 

All the best, DR Davin Lim. 

Fraxel Restore Dual One-and-Done vs. multiple lighter treatments

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Personally I prefer to do one aggressive One-and-Done dual wavelength Fraxel Restore Laser treatment than to do multiple less aggressive treatments because the results are so good and last for several years.  The results are better, but never as good with multiple lesser effective treatments.  It is safe to do multiple lesser aggressive treatments, however, you may never reach the optimum improvement. 

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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