Will Photodynamic Therapy for acne result in facial hair loss?

I've read in dermatological books that PDT with levulan and red light could destroy the hair follicles, leading to alopecia and that this has been used for the destruction of unwanted hair. There are also reports of permanent alopecia when PDT is done for basal cell cancer and BD. I wonder if there is also a risk of damaging the hair follicles when PDT is done for acne in the beard area with Levulan / Mal with Red / Blue light? I'm very confused about it.

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PDT risk

From my clinical experience with PDT , it did not happened that patients will have alopecia . There is very minimal risk that the PDT will destroy hair follicle .

Montreal Dermatologist
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Risks are very small following PDT

Risk of permanent hair loss is v v v small. The reported cases were probably secondary to destruction of the skin cancers that destroyed the hair follicles. ALA and the blue light does not penetrate deep enough to cause destruction, so PDT is safe in this regard.Dr Davin Lim Brisbane, Australia. 

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
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