Developing the Appearance of a Sagging Face and Fine Lines at Age 22 Normal? (photo)

I am starting to develop lines that run across further than usual at the age of 22!. My tear trough lines run all the way to the sides of my face! It creates a line that divides my cheek in two. Also, above these lines, I have developed bags which makes them seem worse! Like if my checks are sagging or falling over. The bag and the line seems to completely disappear if I pull up my lower eyelid. Would a laser eyelid procedure help tighten this are up? (Aware that I am too young for a bleph)

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Facial volume loss at 22 years of age

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The appearance of lines around the eyes and mouth begin to occur in the mid-20s, and I feel that your appearance may be more noticeable as you have kept your weight down and have very little facial fat as well.  If you have noticed a sudden loss of facial volume you may want to check in with your primary care doctor to run some tests to rule out other conditions which can cause sudden volume loss in the face.  Sculptra is by far the best volumizer for facial rejuvenation and would do more than any laser procedure at this point in time.

Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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What can cause sagging skin and fine lines at age 22

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Several factors can account for the appearance of sagging skin, under eye circles or swelling and facial lines:

  1. Extreme weight loss, especially if it is rapid.  Most likely at age 22, this will self-correct when your weight stabilizes for several months
  2. Extensive sun exposure.  Ultraviolet light both breaks down existing collagen by activating enzymes (matrix metalloproteinases) and inhibits formation of new collagen by slowing down the cells that produce it (fibroblasts).  Ultraviolet light accounts for 80% of what we call aging changes in the skin.
  3. Allergies/Atopy, the sensitivity to environmental stressors.  This one plays a role in dark circles under the eyes (allergic shiners), eyelid swelling, formation of lines under the eyes (Dennie Morgan lines).  
  4. Smoking and pollution.  This accounts for much of the other 20% of aging changes.

I recommend consulting with your board certified dermatologist to evaluate the possible causes and solutions.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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