Workouts After BBL?

I'm two months post op and was wondering what exercises I should stay away from (I don't want my butt to go away) and what exercises I can do (that will help my butt)? Also if I do work it out what are the chances that it might go away?

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What type of workouts are permitted after the BBL?

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The question of workout is oftet asked by patients about to undergo the BBL. I tell my patients that after about 6-8 weeks they can perform almost any workout( as long they have no discomfort). If they are sensitive in certain areas I suggest holding off a few more weeks. But working out will not affect the buttok fat transplantation. By 6- 8 weeks the fat that is present becomes pretty much part of the body, So enjoy your new butt and have fun working out!

Exercise after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Many patients want to know if exercising after a Brazilian Butt lift will diminish their results. I advise my patients to wait 6 weeks after surgery before exercising. After that time, exercises to build buttock musculature should not diminish the results of your fat transfer (squats, stairs, and kettlebell swings are very helpful for this). If you do a lot of cardio and/or dieting and lose weight, the fat loss will come from all over your body, not just the buttock region.

I hope that helps and wish you the best!

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