BBL Vs. Fat Grafting to the Butt. Same Thing?

I want a sculpted appearance not exactly a full BBL. I like my projection as it is.

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Brazilian Butt Lift=Fat Grafting to the Butt

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Hi there-

These are the same procedure.

The details of where the fat is placed, and how much is used will vary with your goals, anatomy, and the surgeon's interpretation of them.

Provided you are a good candidate, you choose your surgeon carefully, your goals are realistic (be careful- more than most operations, it seems many BBL patients have unrealistic expectations for what can be done in one procedure), and you carefully follow all instructions, your satisfaction with the BBL should be high.

Good luck!


Is there a difference between The Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat Grafting to the Buttocks?

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Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat Grafting to the Buttocks are the same thing. The Fat grafting procedure can be performed to just about anywhere in the body. When fat is injected into the Buttocks, it is called the Brazilian Butt Lift..    I have performed this procedure for buttocks augmentation about 1000 times, beginning about 15 years ago. When I started doing this, I just referred to it as Fat grafting to the Buttocks.  Several years later the name Brazilian Butt Lift became popular, coined by a plastic surgeon in New york.  Grafting fat to the buttocks (The Brazilian Butt Lift) fills it out, makes it larger, rounder, more shapely, and does provide a slight lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat Transfer To the Butt is the same thing

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Brazilian Butt Lift refers to liposuction and fat transfer to the upper butt to create an impression of a lift.  Fat transfer to the butt can mean anywhere on the butt.  People usually interchange these two names so it's pretty much the same procedure.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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