Workout and Capsular Contracture?

Does workout (lift weights) HEAVY at the gym after breast augmentation cause or can help capsular contracture to form around the implants? After how long someone is clear to workout without ANY restrictions?

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Workouts and Capsular Contractures

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I know of no causal relationship between working out and capsular contractures.  I usually tell my patients that they can go back to full strenuous activity after three weeks following their surgery.  One note:  When I place implants under the chest muscle, I tell my patients that the implants are pushing that muscle out into the breast tissue and making it, essentially, a part of the breast tissue.  If you work out that chest muscle, it will remain firm and may cause your implants to sit high on your chest or even migrate over into your armpits.  I advise my patients to avoid weight lifting specific to the chest muscle.

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Weightlifting and capsular contracture

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Wait at least 6 weeks before upper body training. After this time, you should be okay to start your exercises again, as long as you start off slowly and build up to them.

Working out after breast augmentation

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I do not think working out increases your risk of capsular contractures.  I usually allow my patients to perform light aerobic workouts by about 4 wks post and heavy lifitng by 6-8 weeks after breast augmentation.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Working out with heavy weights and capsular contracture

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Working out should not increase the likelihood of developing capsular contracture.  I typically release patients to start light workouts at 3-4 weeks, but for a heavier workout with lifting, I would wait 6-8 weeks.  Listen to your surgeon's post-operative instructions and also listen to your body.  Everyone heals at different rates, so even if your surgeon gives the OK to work out at 4 weeks, start slowly and if you feel pain, then give it a week and try again.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
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Heavy Work out and Breast Implant Encapsulation (Capsular Contraction)?

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There is no known relationship between “heavy” workout and breast implant capsular  contraction. In regards to returning to your workout regimen, your plastic surgeon will likely have his/her own recommendations for you. Best to follow these as opposed to online consultants'.

 Best wishes.

Working Out Postop

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I release patients to full activity three weeks after breast augmentation, and I do not feel it increases their risk of subsequent CC- even heavy weight lifting.

Exercise restrictions following breast augmentation

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Exercise will not cause a capsular contracture.  Heavy weight lifting especially bench pressing can cause a repetitive stretch to a normal capsule and eventually lead to implant malposiiton or lateral drift.  I generally allow patients to return to activities that cause the breasts to bounce up and down at the six week point.  Every plastic surgeon will have their own time schedule for activities.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Capsular Contracture and Working Out

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I am not aware of any issues with working out and capsular contracture. The only real data we have is that capsular contracture happens less submuscular vs. subglandular...other than that I am not aware of a relationship between strenuous workouts and scar tissue. 

Workouts after breast augmentation

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Thanks for this excellent question. I have done many breast augmentations with implants under the muscle on professional athletes, including body builders, tennis players and golfers. Patients can return to normal workouts including upper body lifting at 6 weeks post-op. There is no correlation between excercise and capsular contracture. Best wishes.

Tamir Mosharrafa, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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There is no relationship between weightlifting in capsular contracture after breast augmentation.

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Wants healing is complete and the plastic surgeon releases you for exercise, there is no evidence that weight lifting is any effect on capsular contracture one way or the other.

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