Asymmetrical Rib Cage Due to Pectus Excavatum?

I am 20 yrs. old. I just found out that I have Pectus Excavatum that is somewhat asymmetric with the right anterior chest wall protruding more anteriorly as compared to the left. As you can see in my pictures, the hump is located right above my breast, giving my breast an unsatisfactory appearance. Is there any way I can cosmetically reduce the appearance of the right protrusion? I would be very happy if my right side matched my left side. I do NOT want to get breast implants.

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Pectus excavatum

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If you truly have pectus, then it is a good idea to have a consultation with a thoracic surgeon. If it is not causing physiologic issues, then most would not try to fix a mild deformity.

Chest wall deformities affecting breast appearance

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Thanks for your photos.  I do not appreciate the marked difference that you do but that being said, if you wished to improve symmetry without implants, consider fat grafting, assuming you have a little extra somewhere else.  It does come with risks so you must be willing to accept that as well.  If you have excessive fatty tissue above your right breast, you could even consider liposuction to diminish the prominence you appreciate.  You need to see a local surgeon who can help guide you through this.


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I would get an opinion from a chest surgeon who has experience with correction of pectus excavatum.  If you are not interested in a prosthesis there is not much else that can be done at the present.

Asymmetrical Rib Cage Due to Pectus Excavatum?

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I am having a tough time seeing either a pectus or any noticeable asymmetry on the posted photos. Photos are helpful, but not comparable to an in person evaluation where a three dimensional view is evaluated. 

Since you have exclude implants, the remaining technique that might be appropriate is fat grafting. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is the way to find out what options you have. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Pectus Excavatum and Chest Wall Asymmetry?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

 If you have a pectus excavatum, it is certainly not impressive based on the photographs posted. Also, not to belittle your concerns, but the chest wall asymmetry also does not appear to be very significant in the pictures posted.

 Therefore, I wonder if any intervention is worth the potential risk/complications associated with surgical intervention. Although I have used custom-made silicone several timess for improving chest while asymmetry, I think that the “deformity” in your case is relatively mild and ( again)  surgical intervention may be overkill.  Breast implants  may serve to camouflage the chest wall asymmetry to some degree;  given that you do not wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery, this is obviously not an option.  Fat injection by a plastic surgeon well experienced in this technique may be an option to look into.

 I hope this, and the attached link, helps


Asymmetric chest wall

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Nothing beats face to face consultation wIth a fully accredited plastic surgeon. Your asymmetry is not necessary to treat so first decide how much it bothers you!

Sultan Hassan, MD, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon

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