Should I consider skin graft for this opening that started the first week after my Breast Reduction surgery? (photo)

My breast tear started within the first week after surgery. Doctor said it will be ok to leave it and see how much further it goes. He has been seeing me every week since and agrees that it's not getting much better but still wants to wait. At this point I'm wondering if I should consider having a skin graft or have them remove the rest of my breast, resew everything back together (hopefully not so tight this time)? I originally requested breast removal but this is what I received.

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Open wound

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You are best to allow this to heal with local wound care.  Best of luck and follow closely with your surgeon.

No skin graft

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I know it is difficult to live with this open area and it seems almost impossible that it will heal and close on it's own.  With appropriate  care, even large open areas like this can close.  Generally, the scar that results is much better than you might expect.  I would not consider a skin graft.  Skin grafts take a long time to heal as well and would likely result in a scar that is more noticeable than if you allow it to heal with good care.

It is possible that you may want a scar revision at some point in the future but it is amazing how good these look with time.  Please keep seeing your plastic surgeon weekly and follow the advice you are given for wound care.  Patience is a virtue!

Treatment of wound after breast reduction?

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I am very sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. Fortunately, these types of complications (very large wounds) are unusual but once appropriately treated will result in a much better outcome than you may be imagining.   You will find that  treatment recommendations will vary from one plastic surgeon to another. 

Options may include further tissue reduction and direct closure, the use of dressing changes and or vacuum device (this might be my first recommendation), the use of skin grafts… Again, with good care (including good judgment and skillful execution of any additional procedures), you should end up with an outcome that you will ( hopefully) be pleased with.  Depending on which treatment plan is decided upon,  additional surgery (for example scar revision surgery) may be beneficial longer-term. Best wishes. 

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