Should I get Acceledent or Bitepod?

I just saw this new thing called bitepod which is almost like Acceledent aura but WAY WAY cheaper. I don't know if many people or doctors have used bite pod. Which one should I go with ?

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AcceleDent vs "others"

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I have been using AcceleDent for the past year with outstanding results!  Some of the other companies that provide other options for accelerated treatment have decided to get into the game that AcceleDent owns.  They are a far inferior product with a different wavelength impulse.  Spend the money you will  not be sorry for going with the best and proven.
Greg Greenberg DDS

Frisco Orthodontist

Acceledent or BitePod

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I have been treating patients in my practice for over 2 years with Acceledent with great results.  The patients are happy and the results are very predictable.   On that note, I have never heard of Bitepod and one thing I have learned many times in practice is that cheaper is usually not always better.  Spend the extra money , use Acceledent and be very happy you didi

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
5.0 out of 5 stars 3 reviews

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