I have sort of a lump/lumpy butt. How do I fix it? What can I do?

Hey um my butt is uneven and one side looks better than the other I have sort of a lump/lumpy butt how do i fix it or wat can I do . And people have asked me wat is wrong with ur but why does it look so lumpy

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Buttock implants

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I find that a fat transfer to the buttock is quite helpful with evening out the buttock and creating a firm round appearance.  Be sure to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in fat transfers.

Lumps, bumps, indentations and contour problems

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Thank you for your question.   It is important because so many people have similar issues.  For the buttocks to appear full and smooth, the skin envelope has to closely apply to the underlying muscle, fascia and fat.   An uneven contour of the underlying structures, skin lesions such as cysts and/or sagging skin can spoil the appearance of your buttocks.  Augmentation alone may not address this problem.  Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in your region for more specific answers to your concerns.

Barry S. Citron, MD, FACS
Montclair Plastic Surgeon

Fix for lumpy buttock

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The "lumpy/lumpy" contour of your lower buttock is typically caused by some retaining ligaments that extend from the muscle/bone out to the skin and inherently tether the skin imward. This effect is most often visible after either weight loss and/or aging. To remedy the problem, surgery can be performed to release (cut) the tethering ligaments and add volume with either fat transfer or a buttock implant.  Glad to help. 


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The lumpy look is mostly cellulite.  The buttocks themselves can be filled out a bit with fat to give a better shape, but it will not really change the superficial lumpiness.

Uneven texture

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Some of the contour could be improved with fat grafting.  The very small differences in contour may never fully be corrected.  There are some noninvasive technologies that show promise, but none are a home run.

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