Will Widening Dental Arch Will Make my Face Wider?

I have quite wide jaw line, and I hate it. However, my jaw is slimmer than before because I extracted my 4 wisdom teeth. I did not notice the change, but my friend and family told me. My teeth are not bad. I have pretty straight teeth, but my bottom teeth are bit crooked. Also,I have crowded teeth with long front teeth, and my teeth are quite large. I'm thinking about getting invisalign though I've heard the rumor before, and I don't want my face to become wider.

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Will widening jaw affect my face

No, it will not make your face wider unless you have jaw surgery.  However, when we widen the dental arches it very often improves the appearance of your smile.  It brightens the smile by eliminate the "dark corridors" which are normally seen on a person with narrow arches.  Most people prefer this wider look.

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No it will not make your face wider

No. Widening the dental arch with Invisalign will simply expand your upper teeth. There is no skeletal movement and it will not make your face wider.

Invisalign causing jaw expansion?

Good news!  The Invisalign process allows the dentist to write up the changes he and the patient desire and also note things not desired and then a 3-d virtual image is created and the changes can be seen and approved before the process is started.  As stated by previous writers, the expansion of your jaws is very unlikely with Invisalign used on adults or older teenagers as the bone growth centers are closed.  Best of luck!  Talk to your Invisalign dentist and he can answer more of your questions.

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Will Expanding my Dental Arch Widen My Face?

Palatal expansion is a very effective procedure that corrects crossbites and reduces crowding. It is most effective in children and adolescents up to about 15 or 16 years of age. If expansion is accomplished before the suture is mature, you can actually widen the entire palate. In young children you may be able to notice a temporary widening of the face in the nasal area. After the rapid expansion ceases however, the bones of the face remodel and the child's appearance returns to normal. Expansion of the dental arches with braces or Invisalign in teenagers and adults will not cause a noticable change the the width of the face. The bone supporting the teeth will remodel and follow the teeth to a small extent as the arches are widened (which can produce a more attractice smile), but dental expansion does not change the postition of the lips or cheeks enough for patients or their families to notice.

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Widening dental arches doesn't make your face wider

Don't worry.  Widening your dental arches does't make your face wider.  It will, however, make your smile fuller which is good.  Take a look at pictures of a couple of the most famous wide and full smiles, that of Julia Roberts and the late Farrah Fawcett.  They both show very wide and full smiles and I think you would agree that their faces don't appear wide.  The opposite of this are narrow arches that show dark shadowy spaces between the side teeth and the cheeks, not an attractive look.

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Widening smile and effect on the face.

Four bicuspid removal for ortho frequently leaves an unattractive smile line.  It can also cause or worsen sleep apnea and snoring as well as create TMJ problems and chronic headaches.  Correction of the smile could be evaluated before embarking on treatment by doing a diagnostic wax-up and temporarily placing an integrity composite in your mouth.  This will let you  see very closely how you will look before beginning treatment. 

It will add to total cost but will avoid a  result that could disappoint you.  I routinely do cosmetic mock-ups prior to veneers and full mouth reconstruction to avoid surprises.

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Widening your face with Invisalign

There is no way Invisalign will widen your face. It is important to not listen to rumors or friends and family but doctors. Good job finding this forum to bounce your questions off. Go for it, I say. We have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that lower crowded front teeth continue to crowd and are a magnet for the bacteria that causes heart disease and diabetes. SOOOO if you have the money and the dedication DO IT,

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