Can a Very Wide Gap in the Upper and Lower Teeth Be Closed? (photo)

My name is Dazz, i really will love to fix the gap in my teeth. The gap was not as this wide before especially the lower teeth gap, infact when i was small say about 10years old, its only the upper gap that i could noticed, now i'm 35 the lower gap seem to be expanding. Please i will appreciate any advice

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Wide gaps

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The first thing is to get good x-rays of the gap areas and rule out any causes in the bone or other internal issues. Your Dr can do a before and after if your case and show you how you will look. He also will tell you what is best to use that will stay and be able for you to take care of for life. There are several ways to treat both top and bottom. Have your Dr answer all your questions

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Closure of Wide Gaps Between teeth

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We have closed wide gaps many times in our office.  Sometimes tooth movement with Invisalign, some times with veneers, sometimes a combination.  Two of our patients had a gap between their lower teeth as wide as a tooth.  Their solution was to place a false tooth into the gap cemented to the tooth on either side.  They have been excited with the results for years now.  Nobody counts their teeth when they smile.  Your upper gap might be treated with either porcelain or Invisalign or a combination.

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