What are the risks of Rogaine use during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

I just found out theat I am 4 weeks pregnant. I was using Rogaine on my eyebrows for the past few months, but I stopped about a week ago, when I thought there might be a chance that I could be pregnant. Should I worry about any potential problems with my baby? Could using Rogaine during intial conception time cause harm?

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I would not recommend the use of Rogaine in Pregnancy because some of it does get absorbed by the body and can impact the child especially in the first trimester

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Rogaine during pregnancy

Rogaine is not to be used during pregnancy. I would advise you to review your story with the physicians who provide you care.Having helped many patients with this exact story over the years, I can tell you that there is little reason for one to be worried with very small amounts of minoxidil during the first month. The developing baby is unlikely to be harmed. Still, I would strongly advise you to review your story with your doctors.

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