When Can I Touch my Nose After Septorhinoplasty? Can I Pick My Nose? Go to the Gym?

I had septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and I'm wondering if it's ok to rub it (just skin contact, no pressure) and when can I touch it/ press it hard. Will I be ever able to pick my nose again? When can I go back to the gym (iv had nasal osteomity as well)? Will exerting force and increasing heart rate make the swelling worse? Does grinning and moving facial muscles affect the Results in the first week?

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Two weeks post septorhinoplasty you can rub the skin lightly for cleansing purposes and applying sunscreen etc. You would not want to apply pressure to specific areas i.e. No facials or blackhead exfoliation. As far as picking your nose this should not be done period. You should wait approximately 6 weeks before returning to heavy exercise and lifting. Yes this can sometimes increase swelling and you can determine that after your first workout. Start lightly and work your way up. Grinning and facial muscle activity will not affect your current results. Best regards!

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Septorhinoplasty and issues

After a rhinoplasty, I allow patients to use a q-tip gently to clean the nose after removal of the splint one week post-op. I do not want them to blow their nose for at least 3 weeks.  As for exercise, I usually have them limit activity for 3-4 weeks and then heavy lifting and exertion after 6 weeks.

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