When Can You Sleep on Your Tummy After Lipo?

I am Day 7 and do not normally sleep on my back. I usually sleep on my tummy. I only had lower abs done, with about 150-200 cc removed.

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Liposuction Recovery

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Thank you for your question about your abdominal liposuction.

  • Check your surgeon's post-op orders to see what s/he recommends for you,
  • Are you wearing a post-liposuction compression garment?
  • Comfort is usually the best guide -
  • If the position is comfortable, it is ok.

Hope this helps. Best wishes.

When Can You Sleep on Your Tummy After Lipo

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First of all, this question should be addressed to your surgeon, who knows what was done and has followed your recovery. 

Saying that, if you are wearing your compression garment, you should be able to sleep in any comfortable position.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Sleeping Position Following Liposuction

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If you are wearing a compression garment you should be ok to sleep on your stomach. As long as it feels comfortable to you it will cause no problems.

Sleeping on your tummy after liposuction?

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If you only had liposuction and not a tummy tuck you can sleep on your tummy as soon as you feel comfortable doing it.  You will in no way harm yourself by doing it!

Best of luck,

Jennifer L. Harrington MD

Sleeping on Tummy after Liposuction.

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If it is comfortable for you I see no reason you cannot sleep on your stomach, but it is best to check with your surgeon first.

Sleep position after liposuction

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Unless there was also some sort of 'tuck' performed on the abdomen, or there was also some other procedure, lying front side down (on your tummy) should not pose any problem whatsoever after suction lipectomy of the abdomen.

Best of luck.

When To Sleep on Tummy after Tummy Liposuction

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    I allow my patients to sleep on their stomachs after liposuction as soon as they want, but your plastic surgeon may have another idea about this.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA   

When can I sleep on my tummy?

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Answer:  as soon as you are comfortable.  Try sleeping on your side first, use pillows to pad things as you need to, then progress to your normal sleeping position.

Sleeping after liposuction

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After your liposuction you should be in a compression garment to help to shape your outcome.  As long as you are wearing this garment, sleeping on your abdomen should not be a problem at all.

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