What Are Potential Liposuction Side Effects?

liposuction cause nerve damage possibly? what about cellulite? a list of possible side effects is very helpful

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Swelling, bruising, and skin irregularities are the most common side effects

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Everyone gets some degree of bruising with liposuction. If the bruising is severe it may last for 3-6 weeks. If the bruising is superficial and severe I have seen staining of the skin, a darker color which may or may not resolve.

Liposuction does not tighten the skin per say. If one has cellulite before surgery it may appear worse after surgery. If too little fat is removed or too much from one area it may appear full or depressed. This is a sculpturing technique.

Most people experience some swelling and fluid retention following surgery. This may last for several weeks.

With any operation a patient may have complications associated with the anesthesia, pain medication, garment, postoperative care, etc. Surgery carries risks like infection, bleeding, scarring, pulmonary emboli, etc.

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Liposuction common and dangerous side effects

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Here are some common side effects from liposuction:
-Swelling and bruising
-Minor scarring where the liposuction cannulas were inserted
-If liposuction was performed in the abdominal area you may see a rippling effect, which will eventually tighten up
-First week you will feel pain/discomfort
-Numbness around the treated area

Here are some more serious complications of liposuction:
-Fat or blood clots, which can travel to the lungs
-infection (can be treated with an antibiotic)
-excessive blood or fluid loss (not common)

Liposuction is very popular and gives amazing results. However, to make sure you have a safe experience, always look for a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced. Better safe than sorry, best of luck!

Dhaval M. Patel
Double board certified
Plastic surgeon
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Dhaval M. Patel, MD
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Safe with low rates of complication...

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Liposuction is an excellent method for treating localized fat collections.The procedure significantly improves contour and is associated with high satisfaction rates.In addition, the procedure is considered safe and has low complication rates.

The majority of liposuction complications are related to inadequate aesthetic results.These include contour irregularities, dimpling of the skin, skin sag and asymmetry.In addition, infection, bleeding, hematoma, scarring, anesthesia complications and, rarely, injuries to deeper anatomic structures can be seen.

The majority of these complications resolve with the passage of time, and in some cases can be treated with additional surgery.Ultimately, the vast majority of patients are satisfied with their results from liposuction.

Possible Liposuction Side Effects

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Possible #Liposuction Side Effects
Some risks of liposuction include:
 Waviness, wrinkling, or dimpling of the skin, in come cases cellulite may be made worse
 Indentation or excess fat removal
 Lumps or firmness under skin
 Prolonged swelling (edema)
 Skin Pigment changes
 Shock, fat embolism, vein clots, body organ perforation, nerve injury and deat
 UAL Complications
 Pubic Distortion
 Umbilicus Malposition (unusual)
Obesity, cellulite, or loose, sagging, and inelastic skin are several conditions which may tend
towards less desirable results. In fact, these problems may be worsened by liposuction.

Potential Side Effects of Liposuction

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Side effects include contour irregularities and depressions. Visible and palpable wrinkling of skin can occur. Mild asymmetry and unevenness are also common. Nerve damage is extremely rare but it is possible. Liposuction will not cause cellulite but also will not lessen the appearance either.

Usha Rajagopal, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction risks and benefits

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Liposuction is a relatively safe operation that has major benefits. Like most procedures, there is a risk of scarring, bleeding, swelling, infection, and contour irregularities.  See the link below for details.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction is the safest cosmetic surgery procedure

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1)  Well done liposuction is very, very safe.  Occasionally, touch up is needed.

2)  Nerve damage extremely rare and only with bad surgery.

3)  Cellulite can get better with liposuction.  Certainly no worse.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Potential side effects of liposuction

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Liposuction is a safe, popular, and effective way to contour the body. Like any surgery, liposuction has potential side effects. It is possible to experience swelling, discomfort, asymmetry, and nerve changes. During the liposuction procedure, it is possible that nerves in the area of treatments may be stretched or injured. If the nerve is only stretched, the nerve will heal itself this may take several months. If the nerve is cut, which is quite rare, you may have an area numbness for many months or years. In these patients, it is possible that surrounding nerves may grow into the area of numbness over time.

Most common Liposuction side effect is irregular contour

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The most common side effect after liposuction is an irregular contour to the skin. There can be uneven areas with some minor depressions or bumps if the suctioning is performed too close to the surface of the skin or if the patient's skin has poor elasticity or stretch marks. The chances of having a small area of irregular contour is about 10%, but this varies depending upon skin tone and surgeon technique. Sometimes this can be corrected by performing a fat transfer to "fill in" a small depressed area. However, if an area has significant irregularity, it may not be correctable.

Other less common side effects include, temporary numbness, asymmetry, poor scarring or prolonged bruising.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to planning any liposuction procedure.

William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling is the longest lasting Liposuction side effect

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In most cases, swelling is the longest lasting side effect of liposuction. While 80% of the swelling goes away in the first few weeks, it can take up to 6 months to see the final results. Also, bruising can be can issue. For major liposuction, you should expect to see a moderate amount of bruising - this should resolve in just a few weeks.

If you are having minor liposuction, such as Smartlipo, your bruising risk is reduced, but you should still expect to have swelling. Additional risks include lumps, which usually resolve unless there is a technical error; infection, which is very rare; and canulla site wound healing problems, which is also very rare. Good luck with your surgery.

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