What is Diamond Microdermabrasion?

i assume diamond particles are used in the microdermabrasion, right?

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Diamond Microdermabrasion

In our practice, we use diamond microdermabrasion. The diamonds are fixed to the microdermabrasion wand which is used to perform the procedure. The small diamonds essentially scrape the surface layers of the skin off leaving fresh and smooth skin.

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Diamonds are in the tips of the wands used for microdermabrasion

Where are the diamonds in diamond microdermabrasion?

These diamonds aren't "spitted out" or in the "dust". The diamonds are embedded (glued) in the tip of the wands used for this form of microdermabrasion.

How is this different?

This form of microdermabrasion is cleaner and less risk of leaving crystals in the skin. It is less messy and the operator doesn't have to wear a mask.

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Microderm Using a Diamond Tipped Wand is Cleaner and Safer

I use and prefer a diamond-tipped microderm system.

I see that user "vcao" left a comment below and I agree with it 100%. My aesthetician also likes being able to control the depth of dermabrasion a lot better, and she can concentrate on deeper areas yet go easy on delicate skin by simply varying her hand pressure and the number of strokes.

Also, not having that grit all over the spa is nice too, and my belief is that some of thta grit can remain behind in the skin.

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