Good Idea to Combine Microdermabrasion and Glycolic Peel Treatment?

Why does my esthetician suggest a combined peel + microdermabrasion?

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Combining Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peeling

Combining a microdermabrasion and glycolic peel treatment is a good idea if you have received microdermabrasion or glycolic peels in the past and are seeking a more aggressive treatment.

One should expect to have more crusting and peeling than you experience when having either treatment individually.

The benefit of combining these treatments is deeper penetration of the peeling agent.

Because the skin is first exfoliated through microdermabrasion before the glycolic peel is performed, the glycolic acid is going to penetrate more deeply since several layers of skin have already been removed.

I would not recommended this treatment for darker skin tones as there is an increased risk for hyperpigmentation.

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Clear away dead skin cells first

Performing microdermabrasion before doing a chemical peel will remove the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing the chemcial peel to penetrate more evenly and effectively.

Jonathan Hoenig, MD
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Combining peels and microdermabrasion

Both of these treatments lead to peeling of the skin and improvement in the quality of the skin. Sometimes they are used interchangeably and sometimes together. It is not unusual to use both together.


David Goldberg, MD
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