What's the Best Makeup or Concealer That Covers Up Melasma?

I have Melasma. I have tried prescription creams and nothing helps. What make-up will hide Melasma w/o making this condition worse. I hv it on the right side of temple, upper lip and bottom of both sides of face. I hv tried concealers but it looks worse. Thanking u in advance. Mary-Ellen

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Melasma and make-up

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There are several excellent make-ups that can cover your melasma and last all day long:  Cover FX, Dermablend and Jane Iredale are a few names.

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Best Makeup to Cover Melasma

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Dermablend is one of the best makeups to cover up Melasma or other pigmentation or rosacea.  They will color match you to have the best math to your skin tone.  Cosmelan also sells excellent treatment products for this purpose.  Best, Dr. Green

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