Loose Sutures After Tummy Tuck

10 months into tummy tuck and fascia detached due to loose suture, in pain most of time. what can be done? surgery done in dominican republic

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Tummy tuck problems

If the sutures broke shortly after surgery, this can result in a return of the bulge in the lower or upper abdomen. If the sutures break after about 2 months, the healing is probably sufficient that it won't matter.

If a bulge has returned after a tummy tuck, this can be due to weight gain or other factors.

In any event, it would be advisable to see a board certified plastic surgeon in this country for an opinion.

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Tummy tuck and looseness

I am not sure of your question. Do you mean that the belly is not as tight? That the muscle plication feels loose again? Loose skin can develop as the skin settles from the procedure. Looseness of the muscle plication can be possible if the suture loosened just after surgery. It is unlikely the result at 10 months, because enough scar tissue usually develops to keep things together at this point.

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Broken sutures

Sutures breaking after 10 months should not effect your abdominal contour. If it has, the sutures likely broke long time ago or another factor, such as weight gain, is compounding the problem. I would recommend looking for a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

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Loose sutures and pain following Dominican Republic Tummy Tuck

I don't quite understand why a loose suture would cause pain unless it is causing excessive stress on the remaining sutures. Perhaps, there is some way for you to contact your surgeon in the Dominican Republic and discuss a follow up appointment with options for treatment.

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Loose suture after tummy tuck

I am unclear as to why you feel you have a "loose suture." The muscle repair with a tummy tuck is meant to tighten the abdomen and decrease the bulges that can occur from stretching of the abdominal wall. After a few months, scarring will replace the strength of the sutures. Thus the importance of the sutures is really in the early healing period. I do not know why you would have constant pain.

There is a larger issue to discuss here and that is having surgery in another country, far from your home. For any surgery, it is important to have access to your surgeon for standard follow up care and to address any complications should they arise. This is especially true for cosmetic surgery. If it is possible, I would recommend that you obtain any operative reports from your surgery and see a board certified plastic surgeon in NY for a consultation.

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Loose sutures after a tummy tuck

Tummy tucks are an extremely popular and effective way to contour the abdomen. During a tummy tuck procedure, an important element is to tighten the muscles to create a flatter abdomen and a tighter waist. If these sutures have loosened, you may develop a bulge or some discomfort. To correct this, a revision of the abdominoplasty is necessary. Your surgeon will elevate the skin and fat flap and assess your muscles. They may add sutures to retighten your muscles.

To learn more about tummy tucks, see photos, and help you decide which one is best for you, please visit us at the link below:

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