Can filler be used to make my forehead my round and feminine? (Photo)

Hi! I wanted to know if filler can be used safely to make forehead more round and feminine. I have a groove in mine that I feel makes it look masculine. When searching online I found one website that showed really great results. I attached a photo of my forehead so u can see the groove and also photos of the procedure that I found online.

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Yes fillers can be used

Yes, if there is a groove those can be filled with fillers. I would recommend Juvederm to be the best.

Filler in Forehead

Fillers can be used to restore roundness and smoothness in the forehead.  This is an advanced area for treatment so make sure that you see an expert.  In this area, I would only use a dissolvable filler such as Restylane Lyft or Voluma.


Dr. Ort

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