Will Weight Loss and Gain After Neck Lipo Affect the Results?

How does weight loss and gain after neck lipo affect the results? For instance, I lose 10-12 pounds during the summer for beach time and during the winter I gain the ten pounds back.

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Weight fluctuations and body contouring

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Significant weight fluctuations after body contouring procedures will "undo" the results. Even if you have not had surgery, weight fluctuations makes skin "age" faster, as the repeated stretching of the dermis damages elastic fibers, and results in less elastic skin. Skin naturally looses elastic properties as you age, so any process that speeds up this occurrence makes you seem to age faster. The main examples are: smoking, sun exposure, and major weight fluctuations.

10 lbs is not a significant amount of weight for most normal sized individuals, so this is a bit of a theoretical discussion. (But if you want to know the details, then yes, it does effect the results.)


Weight change after neck liposuction

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Thank you for your question. You may find with small degrees of weight fluctuation (e.g 5 lbs), your chin liposuction results do not change much. With larger degrees of weight fluctuation (e.g 20 lbs), your results will likely change. You still have fat underneath the platysmal muscle. If this reduces considerably with weight loss, then you may find you start to develop a hollowness under your chin. Likewise, you may find that with large weight gain, that your fullness is returning. As with other body parts, the stability of the result does follow weight changes.

Repeat weight gain and loss can reduce benefits and results of Chin Neck Liposuction

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Small weight gain and loss usually does not affect the results of Liposuction of the Chin and Neck. However if you are a small person, a 10 pound weight shift can be significant.

Generally it is best to maintain a constant weight to maintain the best results after Neck or Chin Liposuction.

Weight gain results in stretching of the skin due to the addition and enlargement of fat cells under the skin. Over time repeated changes in the skin can result in skin laxity which adversely affects the results of Neck or Chin Liposuction

Consistency is Key

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Weight loss generally causes skin laxity. Five to ten pounds should not make much of a difference in your skin looseness. Generally it is not a good idea to loose weight during the summer for the beach and ignore your weight in the winter.

  • Try to maintain the same weight year round.

This is over all a healthier life style and will preserve your skins elasticity longevity.

Ivan Thomas, MD (retired)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Weight loss and gain may affect your cosmetic surgery results

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Hello - The fluctuations in your weight may stretch the skin in your neck to the point that it may begin to sag. Therefore, I would recommend trying to stay at the same weight if possible. Otherwise, when the skin doesn't retract back after liposuction you may need a lift sometime down the line.

Weight gain and loss effect on neck liposuction

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The effect of weight gain and loss on previous neck liposuction depends on the elasticity of your skin and contractile ability. This can be effected by age, sun exposure, or genetic tendencies.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

Weight loss and gain after neck lipo

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Repetitive weight loss and weight gain may certainly affect the results of neck liposuction, as your skin will stretch after each time you gain and lose weight. Making an effort to maintain weight is your best option, as it will minimize any changes you will see in the results of your neck liposuction over time. Hope this helps answer your question. Thank you and best of luck.

Paul S. Nassif, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction results may not be permanent

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Consider that the population of fat cells left behind after liposuciton can change into "stem cells" and then grow into new fat cells or other structural tissues. Weight gain and loss after body sculpting will change your results, so it is imperative that you work with your doctors in finding the proper lifestyle choices to optimize your results. This may involve health coaching, diet, exercise, and/or stress management counseling for optimum wellness.

Weight loss and gain after neck lipo and results

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Of course it will effect a result of any lipo surgery! Please be careful if you are planning to gain weight than do not do any liposuction.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Weight change and lipo results

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Great question! Fluctuations in your weight may result in sagging of the skin and negate the result or leave you with a different problem, namely, the excess skin which is more difficult to correct. Some patients are more sensitive to weight fluctuations than others.

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