Weight Lifting After Tummy Tuck?

I am 3 weeks post op. Had my full TT and muscle tightening. My youngest child is 2 years old and weight about 20 lbs. By when and how long can I start lifting her?

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Weight Lifting After Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.

As you know the tummy tuck operation is a major operation;  every patient experiences a different recovery course. This makes it difficult to discuss “general rules of thumb”.

I would suggest planning for the worst-case scenario which will hopefully be about 4-6 weeks away from child care activities. Your  plastic surgeon will help guide you  with activity level depending on how your recovery proceeds.

I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

Lifting a baby after tummy tuck. / Levantando un bebe despues de una abdominoplastia

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In general you need to be very careful in the first month or so after a tummy tuck.  Refrain from lifting anything that requires you to tighten your abdominal muscles.  Obviously this will be very hard with a two year old daughter.  Try not to lift her but you can still hug her etc.  I generally allow my patient to lift at around 6 weeks at the gym.  They need to start slow of course.  Please discuss this with your surgeon.


Good luck and thank you for the question.




Anire Okpaku MD


En general usted deve de ser muy cautelosa en el primer mes de su abdominoplastia. No se recomienda levantar nada que requiera esfuerzo de los musculos abdominales. Obviamente esto sera muy dificil teniendo una niña de dos años. Trate de no levantarla pero si abrazarla. En general yo les recomiendo a mis pacientes levantar peso alrededor de 6 semanas en el gimnasio. Hay que empezar de espacio claro. Por favor converse con su cirujano acerca del tema.


Suerte y gracias por la pregunta.



Anire Okpaku MD

Anire Okpaku, MD FACS
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Lifting A Child After A Tummy Tuck

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Your plastic surgeon is best to answer this question as he/she knows what was done to your rectus muscles, if anything. When in doubt, don't do it. You have invested a lot to get to this point so unless the activity is essential for life, you should avoid it for now.

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Lifting restrictions after tummy tuck

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Lifting restrictions after a tummy tuck are common as time is needed to let the tummy wall heal.  The amount of weight and time frames vary patient to patient based on her personal recovery as well as the extent of the procedure performed.  Check with your plastic surgeon and he/she should be able to further direct you.  Good luck.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon

Weight lifting ater tummy tuck

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Thank you for the question. It is best if you address that question and any post operative instructions with your plastic surgeon. The instructions vary with the type of tummy tuck and your post operative recovery.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Lifting After Tummy Tuck

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This is a question best addressed to your surgeon, who knows what was done at surgery, and how well you are progressing after surgery.

Most of us have particular post-operative recommendations that are general guidelines, and these will be varied for individual patients. These recommendations will vary from surgeon to surgeon.

I would feel a bit irresponsible were I to give you an OK to lift your child!

Do call your surgeon. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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