Found Out I'm 6 Weeks Pregnant, and About Two Weeks Ago I Got Juvederm on my Lips. Is This Ok?

i just found out i am about 6 weeks pregnant, and about two weeks i got juvederm on my lips and laugh top it off the dr did not do a good job i noticed i had a little under a half left in the needle,,,and i have bumps on my upper lip..i read that she probably did not go deep enough horrible job... i also got a small amount of botox. i am freaking out that this is going to hurt my baby,,,anyone have thoughts on this?

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Fillers and botox during pregnancy

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I would not go out of my way to treat a pregnant patient with these as anything can happen in a pregnancy and we never want patient to blame it on something cosmetic that was done. However, I do not think that this should hurt your baby. Probably safer than the water we drink. I too injected some botox and fillers when I was pregnant and did not know it. I worried for a minute(normal, even for doctors) and then forgot about it and moved on. DOn't look back, move forward. Eat healthy diet and enjoy growing that baby.

Birmingham Dermatologist
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Juvederm and Botox while Pregnant

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If we know someone is pregnant, we would not inject either substance.  However, I'm sure there are many patients like yourself who have received fillers and neurotoxins not knowing they were pregnant.  I do not know of any studies that suggest an increase in birth defects or problems with these substances in pregnant women.  You and your baby should be fine.  Remember that there is always a very small risk of pregnancy related problems in the general population.  I don't think your risk exceeds that of the general population. 

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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