I Am 4 Weeks Post Op TT, What is to Be Expected 4 Week Point? Is My Healing Process Normal?

I was feeling pretty good until 3days ago, not much swelling, pretty normal activity.Now when I sleep my muscles in my stomach get very hard and feel like they are moving to the point its uncomfortable and wakes me up.I am also more swollen now than 2-3 weeks post op. This week is supose to be my period week, have not started,most definitely not preg. could this swelling just be bloating? Belly button still kind of ooozing, and kind of looks like pus in it.No pain and no odor.Is all this normal?

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Post op expectations

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Recovering from a tummy tuck is typically a work in progress.  It can take more than 8wks to see your final contour begin to emerge.  Muscle spasms, residual swelling, constipation, red scars, asymmetrical fullness, mons fullness, etc are not uncommon experiences for patients. During the initial couple months after your tummy tuck, you should keep in contact with your plastic surgeon to confirm that what you are experiencing is normal.  It is very difficult to answer your question without knowing: when your drains were removed, if and how long you wear compression garments, whether or not your physical exam suggests that you have a seroma, etc. visit your plastic surgeon, he/she will ease your concerns. Best of luck. Dr. Renucci

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Concerns about symptoms 4 weeks after tummy tuck

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What you are describing sounds quite normal. Swelling can even increase in certain areas such as around the incisions. Usually by 8 weeks this will begin to subside but it can take up to a year. Intermittent spasms and tightness at this point in time are also very common.

Regarding your belly button, there may be a stitch coming through the skin. You should have your plastic surgeon check you out again if he/she hasn't done so recently.

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Tummy tuck recovery

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Generally, patients become more aware of aches and pain several weeks after a tummy tuck, because the swelling (which masks some degree of pain) has gone down. It is possible that a lot of your pain is pre-menstrual in nature but you should definitely see your plastic surgeon, given your report of what might be incisional pus.

Normal Tummy Tuck Recovery?

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Thank you for the question.  

Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to provide reassurance after directly examining you.

Having said that however nothing in your description seems alarming;  all of your “symptoms” can be expected at this stage in your recovery. 

Again, this communication does not replace in person follow-up with your plastic surgeon who should be seeing you frequently especially if you have concerns.

Best wishes. 

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