9 Weeks Post Op and my Belly Button is Sticking Out? I Had Tummy Tuck, Lip, Ba, Muscle Repair and Umbilical Hernia.

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Umbilicus healing after a TT

Delayed healing of the umbilicus is not uncommon at all.  All that is required is dressing changes and keeping the area clean and it should heal fine. Because the umbilicus has to get its blood supply up through the stalk there are several points where this blood supply can become constricted.  Swelling will also contribute to the problems.  All you can do is wait it out, follow instructions and let it heal.  If it does not heal right a minor scar revision may be indicated.

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Prominent Belly Button after Abdominoplasty and Hernia Repair

Difficult to say exactly without an exam.  It seems as though swelling exists around the perimeter of the umbilicus rather than in the center as would usually been seen with a hernia.  With the degree of swelling visible in the photo, I would assume that this will continue to improve as it heals.
If the belly button remains prominent, small revisions could be undertaken, often under local anesthesia, to anchor the belly button and improve the appearance.  Give it some time, stick with your surgeon, as nothing surgically should be attempted right now.  Best of luck.

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Belly Button Sticking Out after Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Hernia Repair

    Overall, you have a very nice change in contour and the scar is well placed.  The hernia, if umbilical, almost always creates an issue with the skin that can be hard to manage.  The umbilical area can be anchored to the fascia in an attempt to deepen the the belly button, but this is not entirely reliable.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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