I Had 2 Weeks Ago Breast Reduction They Are Still Big :(( 200 Cc Was Removed Only is It Enough? (photo)

Hi, I had 2 weeks ago breast reduction, operation its self went good heeling also going good no complains, but size i I wary a lot, by reading lots of comments here I guess they will not get smaller, my question is, is 200cc as I was told from each breast is it enough to become small? I was not big myself 53 kg 164cm, but E/F size, my Doctor said I was wide on breast that's was thee reason. Before operation doctor said he will remove 345cc but only 200 :( we're removed, will it get smaller ?

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I'd Like to Have a BA Revision to Increase Size and Bring Them Closer Together What Are Complications and Possible Costs? (photo

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Appears as if you had more lifting than reducing. Allow healing for 3 months to see if the swelling decreases enough. Than consider lipo of the breasts to decrease size. 

200 gram breast reduction

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We measure breast weight in grams, not cc's (that is a liquid measure). However, regardless, 200 grams on a E/F cup breast is not a reduction but a breast lift. Your preop photos do not look like an E/F at all. You appear to have postop swelling so give it a chance.

Is 200cc removal enough?

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After reduction the amount of tissue removed is weighed and reported in grams with 1 gram roughly 1cc in volume. You should ask to see your pathology report that should give the amount of tissue removed from each breast in grams, and should report any abnormalities or conditions found during the microscopic examination of the tissue removed from your breasts. 200 grams is below what most insurance companies use as a guideline to determine if the breast reduction is medically necessary and covered by your insurance to attempt to relieve the symptoms caused by extra large breasts. Most of my patients want to remove enough breast tissue that the reduced weight of their breasts will improve the symptoms caused by the oversized breasts. They usually choose to have about 1/2 or more of their breast tissue removed. To qualify for the insurance guidelines of medical necessity for breast reduction this usually needs to be close to 500 grams. But many insurance companies will give a predetermination of coverage prior to surgery based on how many grams the surgeon estimates will be removed. From your photo I'm guessing you may still wear 34DD bras is that right? Is it what you wanted and asked for? No one can be sure what size bras you are going to wear after a reduction, or if you will stay with the same bra number or not. The volume of a 34DD is usually not as big as a 36DD bra and that's why we can't promise you a specific bra size. Usually about the best guess of how large you're going to be after surgery is to try to show you how much breast will remain if we remove 1/2 of your breast tissue, or more than 1/2,  and then try to show you what will remain if we remove less than 1/2 of your breast tissue. It's sure not an exact science and I always want your input as to which amount of removal you think you will prefer. Usually your nipples need to be moved upward and we remove most of the breast tissue from the lower part of your breasts and then remold what's left of your breast tissue to give you the best shape possible. This gives you an uplift, and a smaller breast with the objective being to remove a sufficient amount of breast to have a good prospect of improving some of the symptoms caused by the excess weight of your breasts. Most patients see big improvements in most of their symptoms.

Joseph Hayhurst, MD
Oklahoma City Plastic Surgeon

Breasts may lose volume after breast reduction for number of weeks.

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What is described in the vignette suggests that the patient may be dissatisfied with the size of the breast even after swelling is been complete. That is the case for the reduction may be necessary. Nevertheless, much too early to make final pronouncement about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the procedure.

Too Big after Breast Reduction Surgery?

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 Although your concerns are understandable, it is very difficult for online consultants to predict with any degree of accuracy whether your breasts will change significantly  enough over time and whether you will be pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed. Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to more accurate predictions and/or reassurance.

 It is safe to say however that the breasts generally do change over the course of the first many months after breast reduction surgery.  At this point, patience and time are your best friends. Continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon; hopefully, you will be pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.

Best wishes.

Breast reduction

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Breast Reduction is a complicated procedure that is best done by those with the most training and experience. It is very difficult to determine the resultant cup size and shape based solely on the number of grams that are removed from your breast to best match your ideal breast image without an examination by a board certified plastic surgeon. Not just any board certified plastic surgeon, but one with many years of frequently performing breast reduction and lift surgeries, including different approaches, techniques and even fat transfer and implant choices if you are lacking superior breast fullness.
This is because several measurements—not to mention breast characteristics such as density—are needed to determine how much and where to remove breast tissue to meet your goals. Without knowing your existing breast shape, dimensions, and the density of your breast tissue, it would be difficult to make this determination. For example, the same volume of breast tissue will weigh different amounts (measured in ounces or grams) in different people depending on its density. The existing base width of your breast and what you will ultimately want to look like will determine, in many cases, the maximal volume and weight that will need to be removed for the best result.

Please click on the link below for more information!

Breast Reduction and may be too large

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It is very difficult to determine advise based on the online photos but still early to tell how your final result will look like due to swelling. Continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and communicate your concerns with them. 

Todd Ginestra, MD (in memoriam)
Clermont Plastic Surgeon

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