Is a BR Surgery and Recovery Pain Worst Than a Tt Surgery and Recovery?

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Breast reduction surgery is not particularly painful.

Most breast reductions are not considered very painful to the patient's. There certainly much less painful than an abdominoplasty – tummy tuck.

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How does Breast Reduction recovery and pain compare with a tummy tuck? Is a BR Surgery and Recovery Pain Worse Than a TT

On the contrary, there is really no comparison, but in the other direction.  Breast reduction recovery in almost every case is quite rapid with very little pain.  I have had patients who have gone back to work 3 days after a breast reduction.  With a tummy tuck there is more pain involved and the recovery, enough to return to work, is at least 7-10 days.

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Braest reduction and pain

A breast reduction does not involve the muscles and for this reason the pain is less that that of a tummy tuck where the muscle tightening is the cause of the majority of the pain.

In short a breast reduction is less painful that a tummy tuck

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Is a Breast Reduction Surgery and Recovery Pain Worst Than a Tummy Tuck Surgery and Recovery?

Hi Missy

No. The Breast Reduction surgery pain is managed well with good pain control. Most Plastic Surgeons use a lot of Local Anaesthetic injections at the time of the surgery that helps control the pain. The Tummy Tuck pain is more that that of a Breast Reduction because it is more extensive operation and it involves tightening of your 'six pack' muscle layer. 

Hope this helps. All the best

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Breast Reduction or Tummy Tuck More Painful?

 Generally speaking, most patients experience more discomfort with tummy tuck surgery than with breast reduction surgery.  This discomfort is mainly related to the abdominal wall muscle plication.

 Best wishes.

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Recovery for breast reduction vs. abdominoplasty surgery

Typically the recovery period for breast reduction surgery is shorter and much less painful than abdominoplasty surgery.  The abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, often involves muscle and fascia plication ( tightening ) which is the primary source of the more prolonged recovery process.

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Recovery from an abdominoplasty vs a breast reduction

Most patients will experience more pain with an abdominoplasty.  This is usually due to the repair of the anterior abdominal wall laxity.  With a breast reduction most patients will experience some pain but it is usually manageable especially with the use of a good support bra.  

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Recovery from breast reduction surgery vs tummy tuck surgery

The TT almost always involves work on muscle which creates considerable pain. There is no muscle work in a breast reduction, so less pain. However, both types of surgery result in significant loss of energy and easy fatigue for several weeks.

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Recovery from breast reduction surgery vs tummy tuck surgery

The recovery from breast reduction surgery is pretty straight forward with most women returning to activites of daily living in a matter of days whereas with tummy tuck surgery the recovery is longer due to the muscle repair. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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