Why is My Stomach Still Uneven 4 Weeks After Liposuction?

Is this normal to look like this after 4 weeks? I've been wearing my compression garment and doing massages but the lumpiness is still there.

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Why is My Stomach Still Uneven 4 Weeks After Liposuction?

A 4th reason is the area was not lipoed, or a combinations of all the previous reasons. So it is not the norm to appear like this after 4 weeks from surgery. 

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Uneven results after liposuction


There are three main reasons to have uneveness after liposuction:

1) Uneven amounts removed given your body needs

2) Uneven Swelling

3) Compression garment.

If your garment does not stop where the border is shown in your photos then it is not likely to be the garment.  At 4 weeks swelling might still be a factor but not to this extent.  Wear your binder, continue massage, and wait a little longer for swelling to go down but I suspect that you may need additional lipo for revision of what we are seeing.

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Uneven abdomen after liposuction

It looks as though you had liposuction of the lower abdomen, but not the mid/upper abdomen or hips.  Frequently, it is necessary to add a few scars to get to the area around the belly button and to transition into the hips.  Once the tissues have softened, you may need a revision which would include those areas.  Then, hopefully, there won't be a noticeable stepoff, and the result will look more natural.

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Liposuction lumpiness

Hopefully your result will improve as swelling resolves over the next couple of months.  If not, you may benefit from additional liposuction around your umbilicus.  Make sure that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon with  extensive experience in liposuction surgery.

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Uneven Liposuction

It may take three to six months to see the final result of liposuction. An experienced surgeon examining you can make the best assesment, however your photograph suggests that there is an uneven "step off" at the edge of the suctioned area and too much residual tissue around the belly button. I would make sure that any surgeon you choose is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is experienced in liposuction. You will probably want a revision to get the most out of your choice to undergo liposuction.

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