Still Have a LOT of Pain Behind my Knees 10 Days Post Op, What Can I Do?

I had flanks, saddle bags, inner thigh and knees done. 6-1/2 liters taken. I am still in a LOT of pain behind my knees. Wearing my garment 24/7. I can only bend them just a little. My swelling is normal. I have pitting edema in both feet and have been given lasix to take for 3 days with no change. My line of work is a firefighter. I have to go back to work but I can't bend my legs enough due to the pain. I was not expecting this level of pain at all. What can I do? PLEASE help me.

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Still Have a LOT of Pain Behind my Knees 10 Days Post Op, What Can I Do?

You need immediate evaluation for a embolus. GO to closest ER &/or call your surgeon to be safe. Better safe than sorry. 

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Pain after liposuction should be taken seriously

You should call your surgeon to alert him to what you're experiencing. If you don't get a response, then go to an Emergency Room for an evaluation to be sure there isn't anything serious happening to you. The space behind your knees shouldn't have been suctioned. If you're having pain there, it should be evaluated.

Kimberly Finder, MD
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Pain behind knee or calf after Liposuction or Surgery could be a sign of DVT

Pain is not expected behind knees after liposuction or any surgery. Pain behind knee or calf pain after surgery is highly suspicious of DVT (blood clot) and needs to be considered and ruled out. Blood clots can form is the deep veins of the leg, causing a blockage in circulation. This may cause swelling and pain in the calf and lower extremity. Blood clots are more common in the days and weeks after injuries and surgical procedures. It can be a very serious problem and should be treated immediately. I recommend that you contact your surgeon NOW and explain the location of your pain and your symptoms, he may order an ultrasound to find out if you have any blood clot in the lower extremity. If you are unable to contact him NOW, go to the EMERGENCY ROOM and get an Ultrasound examination of your lower extremities. If it is negative, then every thing is great and just wear also a compression stockinet in addition to your garment; but if positive you need to be treated with anticoagulants to prevent further more serious problems. Please DO IT NOW.  This explanation should not be considered as medical advice and is only for information purpose.

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Pain after liposuction

without a proper exam your questions cannot be answered, i am responding to make you aware of the possibility of clots in your legs causing the pain. DVT or deep venous thrombosis is a risk of your surgery. pain that persists out of proportion should be investigated with a doppler/duplex/ultrasound asap.  if the tests is negative occasionally more testing is warrnted based on worsening/degree of symptoms.  it is possible your course is normal but the comlication must disproved first. good luck and get it done asap.rafael cabrera, md,facs

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
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