1 Week After Lipo my Pain is Significantly Worse, What is Going On?

I had lipo on my abdomen and flanks 8 days ago. I took percocet the first 3 days or so and then didn't need it. Today, the pain is bad! A significant increase in discomfort and swelling. No infection as far as I can tell, but MUCH more pain at waist and hips starting last night and through today. From what I've read, the pain should be easing, not getting worse. What's going on? I have wearing the compression garment continuously and have checked that it isn't too tight or loose.

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Excessive pain after lipo

See your plastic surgeon, dont wait. Make sure everything is okay. Pain and assymetry is not uncommon only 8 days out. The question is to what degree each is occuring. Make sure you relay your concerns to your PS. Generally time is the answer, but you may feel better just having some time to sit down with your PS.

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1 Week After Lipo my Pain is Significantly Worse, What is Going On?

From your description this is not the NORM. Seek immediate examination from your surgeon. Increasing delayed postoperative pain usually means an issue. 

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Liposuction recovery and pain?

Thank you for the question.

Although you  probably are experiencing normal fluctuation  of discomfort after surgery (related to swelling fluctuation and/or premature discontinuation of pain medication)  your description of “significant increase in discomfort and swelling" should be relayed to your plastic surgeon.  Follow-up and direct examination is probably indicated.

I hope this helps.

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