I Am Lopsided After Liposuction, Will Massage Help?

I know it's early after my liposuction (after one week), but I think too much was taken from one side. It appears that there is a dent on one side, while the other side is straight. Will massage help this? What can be done if it does not resolve by itself? I know I was not completely symmetrical before the surgery, but I was hoping that the surgery would help this, not accentuate it. I spoke with my surgeon about this beforehand, but it seems something went slightly wrong during surgery..

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I Am Lopsided After Liposuction, Will Massage Help? (photo)

Thanks for taking the time to post photos, it really helps. With that said after one week how can you be complaining? It looks great with very little difference based upon the photos. At least wait for 3 months before evaluating. Also try to determine if your expectations were unrealistic. 

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Liposuction Recovery

One week after liposuction is WAY TO EARLY to start getting worried.  You are still swollen and your skin is healing.  You will notice significant changes in your skin over the next few week or even months as the swelling resolves and the skin retracts.  So, please don't get worried at this point.  Hopefully you are following closely with your surgeon.


Good Luck.

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Asymmetrical after liposuction

Remember the fuller side likely required a bit more suctioning which means more postoperative swelling. I agree your pictures look great. Try not to look everyday. It's like watching a baby grow. You don't notice day to day changes, but after a month- wow!

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Swelling after liposuction

Swelling can be asymmetrical. The body isn't symmetrical so more fat could have been removed from one side than the other, producing more swelling. You may sleep more on one side than the other. It is way too early to worry about this. If, after you recuperate, there is a discernible difference, your plastic surgeon can certainly perform a minor revision. I would not rush to judgment prematurely and assume that anything untoward occurred during the procedure. The early result looks quite good-a substantial improvement.

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Swelling 1 week after liposuction

Your photo looks pretty great to me!  This is the hardest time after any elective surgery, since the emotional anxiety of having surgery is over and now you want to look perfect but your body needs time to recover.   I ask my patients not to weigh themselves, try on clothes or otherwise analyze liposuction results for a while after surgery because swelling is usually asymmetric and significant at first.  One week postop is WAY to early to be assessing the results.  Also - our two sides are not and never will be mirror images of each other, even after surgery.  Hopefully your expectations will be met after your body heals! 

Swelling after liposuction is always slightly uneven during the 1st month.

Don't worry! You look totally normal for 1 week.  Swelling is never even during the first  month and evens out nicely with massage and exercising.  Trust your doc and don't worry since nothing seems to have went wrong.


David Hansen,MD

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