Does wearing hair tight stretch the soft skin tissue of face? is it irreversible?

I am 23 years old and have been wearing a tight ponytail since i was about 14. I will usually loosen it during the time i am home or sleeping. I feel very different when i let my hair down, i feel as if my skin is sagging. My family tells me its psychological and that they do not see a difference but I notice a difference on my forehead i feel as if its sagging- this has been bothering me beyond words. If it does indeed stretch your skin, is it irreversible? If i wear my hair down going forward

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Does wearing hair tight stretch the soft skin tissue of face? is it irreversible?

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The problems people experience from wearing their hair in extremely tight pony tails for an extended period of time are typically associated with hair rather than skin. Because you are young any very minimal effects that have been created in you skin will dissipate. I would suggest to wear your hair in a pony tail less frequently or at least in a loose pony tail.

Stretching skin out

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Though it would be minimal, it is possible to stretch your skin back very tightly from a ponytail. At your young age this should not have an overwhelming effect though as you have young skin with a good amount of collagen. It's advisable not to wear your hair that tight though and some people find that when they do this, they actually damage the hair follicles along the front which can create a premature balding in that spot over time. A loose ponytail is fine.

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Wearing hair stretched tightly and its effect on the face.

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Is not a good idea to wear your hair stretched tightly as this often causes permanent hair loss. Any effect on the face will be temporary and does not cause sagging over time.

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