Are There Ways to Repair Hyper Pigmentation Caused by Fraxel Laser Treatments?

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Q switched Nd YAG LASER works very well for post inflammatory pigmentation.

You could consider the Q switched Nd YAG LASER for your pigmentation. Start with a small test spot first, to see if you are comfortable, before proceeding to treat the entire area. Sunscreen use is mandatory, throughout the treatment period and afterwards.

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Improving post Fraxel laser hyperpigmentation and dark spots

This post-laser hyperpigmentation is common and can be addressed effectively with Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM treatment protocols to improve post Fraxel hyperpigmentation. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Repairing Hyperpigmentation Caused by Fraxel Laser

Believe it or not, Fraxel can correct damage caused by other laser procedures (including the Fraxel treatment you underwent). The results really depend on the skill and experience of the practitioner as opposed to the tool. It is important that you work with a board certified dermatologist.

Fraxel Dual, for example is excellent for treating pigmentation issues (e.g. sun/age spots). The underlying cause  is the production of melanin, which is your skin's way of trying to heal itself. Fraxel Dual uses a safe and effective wavelengths to break up the pigment which is then eliminated by your body's system.

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Pigmentation after Fraxel

The best thing to do is start and aggressive belaching regimen along with strict sun protection using physical block sunscreens. I like Obagi. You should check with your docor so he r she can determine whether you have postinflammatory hyperpigmentation or melasma. If it is melasma, then you will need to stop birth control pills and other hormone therapies if you take any.

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Hyperpigmentation after Fraxel

It is rare to have prolonged hyperpigmentation after Fraxel, but it can happen.  The best treatment is a combination of Retin A/Hydroquinone (we like to use 10%)/ and Hydrocortisone cream.  This is usually very effective.


Kenneth L. Stein, MD
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