Can I Wax After I Finished my 6 Sessions IPL Course? Will It Make Hair to Regrow?

Hi there :) I bought a 6 sessions IPL course. I know I don't have to wax before and inbetween treatments, and that shaving is the only thing I can do. But today I''ve been told that even after I finish the 6 sessions I shpuld not wax because this would make the hair to regrow just like before! Is this true? I mean is the hair that IPL hits dead forever or will it actually regrow? Thank you!

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Waxing After IPL Sessions

Let’s talk reality for hair removal in 2014 in the US – most everyone uses a laser in today’s world – its easier and more popular than IPLs. But let’s make no mistake about it, in deference to some of the other answers out there, that IPLs for hair removal, with the right filter, can work. I spent a good part of my career studying IPL for hair removal, did the FDA studies in the US, and studied them for lighthair and for dark skin. The results have stood on their own for 20 years. Lasers may be sturdier but IPLs do work.

So, the question – it really does not matter – if the laser or IPL is done correct, you should have little reason to wax in the near future. If you still have a lot of hair, go to a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon and get things done correctly.

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Waxing After IPL and the Permanency of Laser Hair Removal

Waxing should be fine after your IPL treatment series. The thing with IPL is that results are not very predictable compared to laser hair removal. Lasers only use one wavelength.  On the other hand,  IPL uses many different wavelengths which can react with individual variances in many different ways. It is not certain whether or not hair removed from IPL will grow back or not.

Even with laser hair removal, Only hairs that are in the active growth phase (ANAGEN) respond most effectively to laser treatment. Since up to half of the hair at any given time can be in the resting phase (TELOGEN), almost half of the hair would not respond. That is why serial and multiple treatments are necessary. Also, hair growth cycles are different for different patients. This is usually governed by genetics and how the hair follicles react to the presence of androgens in the system


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Waxing after IPL hair removal

I agree with you that waxing after laser or IPL hair removal should not cause the hair to regrow for the reasons you mention. I would also recommend you consider laser hair removal (not IPL) in the future as this is a more effective treatment.


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Yes, you can wax after series of IPL treatments

After your IPL sessions, you can go ahead and wax the treated area as photo facials do not disrupt the stratum corneum. However, IPL therapy has been shown to cause hair removal which may or may not grow back.  The darker your hair and the lighter your skin, the more likely you are to have reduction of hair follicles.

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