Will Change of Machine Effect the Treatment?

I've dark hair on my face and am undergoing laser treatment. I've completed 10 sittings but the improvement isn't substantial cause of the fact that the hair growth ( colour being little lighter than before) still exists and since i am fair it is visible.am presently using soprano laser,since I'll be shifting to another place i may have to change my dermatologist. what precautions do i need to take when i go to a new dermatologist? also why is it taking longer time for the hair growth to reduce?

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Changing Lasers For Hair Removal

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Only hairs that are in the active growth phase (ANAGEN) respond most effectively to laser treatment. Since up to half of the hair at any given time can be in the resting phase (TELOGEN), almost half of the hair would not respond.

That is why serial and multiple treatments are necessary. Also, hair growth cycles are different for different patients. This is usually governed by genetics.

1064 nm wavelength based lasers are the best for darker skinned patients while the others (755nm and 800nm based lasers work best for lighter skinned Caucasians). Consult a dermatologist laser specialist to determine the best laser for you

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Laser Hair Removal Machines

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If your hair is light, there is no laser that will work for you.  If your hair is fairly dark and your skin is light, I recommend an Alexandrite laser.  Candela makes a great one.  This is what we use in my office.  Unfortunately laser hair removal does not work perfectly for every patient, and it is always difficult to predict exactly how many treatments a patient will need to have the desired outcome.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
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Laser hair removal for facial hair

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demi m,  If your hair is being resistant to laser treatment, you may want to consider having a hormonal workup done to check things like testosterone and DHEA-S.  There could be some underlying hormonal abnormality which is driving the hair growth.

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Tough situation

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You are in luck!  Switching Dermatologists may mean switching laser device for your hair removal which may be beneficial to your treatment.  The soprano laser is an 810nm diode laser.  If your skin is light, you may want to find a Dermatologist who has an alexandrite 755nm laser as this may be more effective.  If you truely have light skin and dark hair, you should have better results after 10 treatments.  The problem may be that your hair is not dark or thick enough to get a good treatment.  You should check with the physician if they think you are a good candidate.  For some with a lot of blonde or red in their hair, no matter how many treatments you have, lasers don't work. 

Beth Lertzman, MD
Rochester Dermatologic Surgeon

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