I'm 23 yrs old. With excessive weight gain my areola were stretched. Am I a Good Candidate for Areola Reduction? (photo)

Hi there I am 23 years old, I have never liked the look of my breasts. With excessive weight gain after puberty my areolas were stretched. After some weight loss the areola size seemed to be accentuated with the smaller breast size. I am looking into having areola reduction. I do not want the excessive scarring that comes with a breast lift (like that of an anchor breast lift). Would an areola reduction help give my breast that little bit more of youthful appearance that I desire? Thanks

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Areolar reduction

Based on your single photo you are a good candidate for areolar reduction if you are willing to accept a scar around the new sized areolae.

the technique involves selecting the size areolae you desire, resecting the unwanted areolar issue, placement of a internal permanent suture that will help maintain the desired areolar size. I often perform this procedure using just local numbing medicine in my office. The scar is usually quite acceptable.

I suggest you make several appointments with board certified plastic surgeons. Then proceed

Riverside Plastic Surgeon
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I'm 23 yrs old. With excessive weight gain my areola were stretched. Am I a Good Candidate for Areola Reduction?

I am sorry to hear about the concerns your areola size have caused. Based on the description of your goals and photographs, you will ultimately have to make a decision about what concerns you most: areola size or the presence of scars associated with areola reduction surgery.

I would suggest that you seek consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you will be pleased with. Make sure you educate yourself about the potential downsides associated with areolar reduction surgery including the potential for spreading of the areola, abnormal scarring, areola asymmetry, and re-spreading of the areola.
I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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Areola reduction?

Leave your breasts alone. They are pretty. Unless you reduce (even just a little) to reshape your whole breast, I think you will end up having a stretched out areola and a very noticeable scar. Be careful.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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Am I a Good Candidate for Areola Reduction?

You do not fully understand areolae reduction surgery. There will be scars!!! Best to seek IN PERSON consults to understand this concept of incisions around the areolae causing a scar. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a Good Candidate for Areola Reduction?

Your photos do demonstrate areolae that are proportionally larger compared to the breast tissue. You also have some mild ptosis or droopiness to the breast tissue as well. I understand your concern of longer scars of the anchor breast lift, but a pure areolar reduction will have a larger outer circular incision pulled in to a smaller inner circular incision which will result in pleating of the outer skin. 

I would suggest a lollipop approach that utilizes a circumareolar and vertical incision from the bottom of the areola down. This scar heals beautifully in a few months and can also be further treated with "collagen induction therapy" to camouflage the scar even more if desired. 

Brian J. Lee, MD
Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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