Correcting Possible Negatives of Areola Reduction?

I'm considering getting an areola reduction but am comparing the potential downfalls of this surgery with the current state of my natural areolae. Would you mind listing the possible things that could go wrong with a reduction, whether anything can be done to remedy that issue and whether it would be super costly to do so? For instance, I know that there is potential for a scar, but that can be fixed with tattooing?

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Areolar Reduction Common & Safe

Areolar reductions are commonly performed as part of a reduction or lift, but can be done alone.  They are fairly safe and can be done under local anesthesia in the office.  Diabetics and Smokers are at increased risk for complications including infection and loss of skin/nipple. If you are healthy, the risks are unfavorable scar widening, keloiding or loss of nipple sensation. Fortunately these risks are low. Best wishes.

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Reduction of areola

In many cases the answer is no. It depends on the size of the areola and what size you are reducing it to. It also depends on any deformity of the breast (i.e. tuberous)

Michael Hueneke, MD
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Risks of areola reduction

will vary depending on what technique is used.  In general, if the reduction is accomplished through an excision around the areola, you depend on a cinching suture to diminish the size and if this suture breaks or pulls through the skin, the scar will widen considerably and you would be looking at doing the procedure all over again.  If its part of a breast lift where tissue is excised from the lower pole as well (lollipop mastopexy), risks for stretched scars are minimal.  Regardless of what technique is done, there will always be risks of hypertrophic or keloid scarring and if this occurs, you will require scar excisions/revisions to correct it without any guarantee that scarring will not recur.  Tattooing can camouflage some poor scars but its not my preference to use unless it is the last resort.

Curtis Wong, MD
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