I Just Want my Two Lateral Incisors Done. How Much Will It Cost?

They are too short other than that the rest of my teeth are fine. So will it be less expensive?

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Lumineer Cost for Two Lateral Incisors

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The cost for the two veneers should range between 2-3k depending on the area you live in and the dentist you select.  More important than cost is value.  Be sure the dentist can show you photographs of other cases he has done.  Ask if there is a guarantee if something goes wrong down the road before a reasonable time has passed.  Check out reviews and patient testimonials. The quality of the work and the longevity of the result are much more important than the initial cost most times.  Cosmetic dentistry is an art, not a commodity.

Fees for porcelain veneers vary based on each case.

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Certainly the fee for 2 teeth will be less than a fee for 10, but a per tooth fee is likely higher.  The challenge to get the colors to match, the proportions and variation in materials used can all play a factor.  

Some cases can be very simple and the fee may be the same as a simple crown.  However, if the teeth have other issues, the cost will go up.

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